Wedding Glass Ceremony


One of the most poignant rituals in a wedding is the symbol of unity between the bride and groom. While most couples choose sand or unity candles, a beautiful option is a wedding glass ceremony. This ceremony results in a unique art piece of the couple’s choosing that is a long-lasting testament to their devotion to each other. The process begins with a visit to the glass artist. The artist will show the bride and groom several colors of glass crystals, called FRIT, that represent their different personalities or color preferences. After each person selects their individual colors, the artist will help in the selection of a vase, sculpture or other art into which the bride and groom would like their glass crystals transformed.

During the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom each pour their colored crystals into a single container to symbolize the joining of their lives. Other important people, such as parents or children, may also participate in the ritual, choosing their own individual crystals. The bride and groom may decide to have a keepsake made for each loved one who adds glass crystals to the single container.

After the wedding, the couple returns the co-mingled crystals to the glass artist. Using the combined crystals, the artist will then create a distinctive work of art for the couple that will be a stunning physical representation of their love and devotion to each other that will last forever.


A wedding glass ceremony adds a distinctive and personal element to your wedding. Just as your lives will go through several transformations over the years, the glass will mirror those changes. The crystals will be lovingly merged and heated. It will glow and be formed into something magnificent. Then it will solidify and cool into a thing of beauty that will last forever.