3rd Year Anniversary Gifts

It is not as common of a tradition today as it once was but every year of a wedding anniversary has a specific theme. The third anniversary is the glass anniversary. With some creative thinking a glass gift can be a great option for the third anniversary.

For the Couple:

– Etched wine bottles are a great example. Find a wine that the couple enjoys and have the wine bottle etched with the initials of the couple and the date of their wedding. Not only is there wine to enjoy and celebrate with but the bottle serves as a memento of the happy occasion.


– Engraved wine glasses are another great glass anniversary gift idea. Similar to the wine bottles these can be etched with the couple’s initials and the date of their happy day. These could be paired with the wine for an extra special gift.


For Him:

– Cologne is a great idea for the man celebrating the third anniversary. Cologne comes in a class bottle and is something he can use daily.

– A whiskey decanter and glasses is also a good option. This is something he can enjoy. This could be paired with a nice bottle of whiskey or scotch- as with the glasses and wine bottle this gift can be engraved to commemorate the special day.


– For a more unique option a magnifying glass could make a great gift. Either a very high quality new one or an antique one. This would look very handsome on his desk or on a shelf in his study.

For Her:

– Perfume is always a popular gift. Finding her favorite scent in an attractive glass bottle will easily help to celebrate the special day. This can also be engraved for a special touch.

– Champagne is another great option. Not only can the lady enjoy some bubbly to celebrate but the couple can share this together.

– Jewelry is another option for glass anniversary gifts. Glass might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to jewelry but there are many beautiful options with glass insets or glass beads. This would be a lasting piece that could be passed down to future generations.


– A decorative platter or bowl can also be a unique option. There are glass artisans that make pieces of art that can be used to decorate the home. Not only does this add color but the platter or bowl can be left out year round to be a reminder of the happy occasion.


– Stained glass is another option. These can even be customized and made into something that the lady will love. Many stained glass artisans offer their wares online. These are often hung in windows and capture the sunlight. A beautiful piece of art to celebrate an anniversary.

Although glass might not seem like something you would normally gift it is easy to find a really unique and meaningful gift for the third anniversary. Sticking with the tradition of certain anniversaries have certain materials can make a gift even more meaningful. Whether shopping for a couple or for your partner keep this in mind the next time an anniversary gift is purchased.