10 DIY Ways To Reuse Glass Bottles

DIY or do it yourself is one of the biggest trends today. It seems everywhere you turn there is a new DIY trend. Reusing glass bottles can be a great DIY project. Below you will find 10 unique and interesting ways to reuse glass bottles.

1. One of the easiest ways to reuse glass bottles is simply to paint them. This works best if you use a color like white. They become so much prettier and resemble vintage milk glass. You can use these as vases or as decor on their own.


2. Placing white Christmas lights inside bottles makes for a gorgeous lighting option. If you use green or brown wine bottles the color is very unique and warming. This is also a very simple option.


3. If you cut the bottom of the glass bottle off you can reuse it as a wind chime. Hang a chain and some metal pieces inside then hang on your porch or tree for a unique wind chime.

4. Cut off the top portion of the glass bottle to reuse them as glasses. This involves some sanding as well but can be used on any type of glass bottle.

5. Find a candle that just fits in the opening of the glass bottle and you can reuse them as candle holders. These look especially pretty in larger groupings. The glass reflects the flicker of the candle light.


6. Filling the bottle with citronella and fitting a piece of rope in as a wick you can create attractive garden lighting the doubles as insect repellent is another great way to reuse glass bottles.


7. Gather different shape and sized glass bottles then wrap them in different colored yarn. Make sure to cover all of the glass and choose complimenting colors or one color in different shades. These can be used as vases or just in groups for unique decor.

8. Puff paint can be used on glass bottles to decorate them and make them more attractive to reuse as decor in your home.

9. Placing a glass bottle on the side- cut off a length of the glass so you are left with an oblong opening. You can now reuse the bottle as a very interesting planter. Place some dirt and attractive rocks inside and then add your plants. This is a great option for succulents.

10. By purchasing a lamp kit and a lampshade a glass bottle can easily be reused as a lamp. Simply cut the bottom off of the bottle and wire it with your lamp kit. The color of the glass is reflected and makes for great ambiance in your home.


Whether they are wine, soda, beer, or water glass bottles it is most likely that you have them laying around your house. What is commonly seen as waste can easily be reused to make something unique for your home. There are different skill levels so that even the least skilled person can make something out of what would normally be recycled. Next time you have an empty glass bottle just remember these 10 ways you can DIY and reuse that bottle.